BBNaija S7: Phyna lambasts Sheggz, Bella, labels them ‘mannerless children’


All hell was let loose at the Big Brother “Level Up” house on Tuesday when lovebirds, Bella, Sheggz got into a spat with Phyna leading to the latter calling the former ‘mannerless children’.

Sheggz in his usual manner leapt into the defense of Bella in the dispute which sprung up between the two warring parties over food.

The brawl started after Phyna tried to shut Bella up for reminiscing Monday night’s conversation about taking Chomzy and Eloswag’s food.

The issue was heightened when Sheggz rebuffed Phyna’s comment about Bella’s upbringing.

Sheggz would then accuse Phyna of behaving like those from the street, with Phyna sarcastically accepting the accusation, retorting Shegz to being “woman wrapper”.

The war of words between the two would continue as other housemates intervened to pacify the two duo.

Bella was seen riled up by the spat, with Daniella pitching her tent with Sheggz and Bella while Groovy leapt to the defense of Phyna, as he tried to get Sheggz to stop the spat

Recall that lovebirds Sheggz and Bella complained last week about a calculated plan by Phyna, Rachel and others to starve them. The housemates continue to speculate that their fellow housemates despise them.

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