Zamfara politics remain unique in the comity of Nigerian states’ political culture. In most states of the Federation, the arithmetic of who gets what is determined by his zone of origin, in others are influence while others are “the good boy of the Lion-king”. In Zamfara state, those do not count much. The real arithmetic is mostly determined by the satisfaction of the political class and their electorates, that the candidate in question is worthy of being supported.

In the above regard, the whole political class in Zamfara State have recently, come together as one and have resolved all outstanding misunderstandings which are natural in politics. In fact, even as a team cruise to victory, minor misunderstandings are bound to manifest but are not unsurmountable. This is natural as the great Chinese unifier, Chairman Mao Tze Tung said, politics is conflict and then, conflict resolution.

Today, all the past Governors of the State in the persons of Senator Ahmad Sani (Yariman Bakura), Alhaji Mahmuda Aliyu Shinkafi and Alhaji Abdulazeez Yari Abubakar {Shattiman Mafara) have endorsed the candidature of Dr Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato) as the sole candidate for the Governorship election in 2023 under the unbeatable All Progressives Congress in Zamfara state.

It is important to note this gigantic convergence under the oak-strong platform in Zamfara state for its very significant relevance to the future peace, harmony and tranquilty of the state, troubled by years of security challenges and and economic devastation as a result. The efforts of His Excellency in the last three and half years did not go unnoticed, coupled with his determination to end acrimony and bring everyone on board to face the challenges at hand, together and squarely, too.

However, the saddening part is that some ungrateful and bitter persons have reneged from the present movement. The People’s Democratic Party which had no political relevance to the people of Zamfara state before Dr Bello Mohammed joined it, once again, slid to its former ignominy when he eventually ditched it for the interest of Zamfara state.

However, some political neophypes, supported by unsuspecting few, spreading funds of doubtful sources, are now using the now, irrelevant opposition Party to create disharmony and breach to the peace. That is all. They know they can not win against the present tean in the APC but they want to throw spanner in the works and be the spoilers they really are.

The eyes of Zamfara electorates are open. The unstoppable train they have boarded is on course. It is the duty of those who are responsible to the maintenance of peace and order to help the people by preventing a breach in this wholesome journey to freedom. Political activities are here, yes. As His Excellency has said, the ball is at the center, let’s play a fair game. However, the interest of Zamfara stare is paramount and can not be compromised, in spite.

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