Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato) felicitate with the entire Muslim Ummah in the State and beyond as the birth date of Prophet Muhammad ((PBUH) is being celebrated across the globe.

“Today is the official day set aside by the Government of Nigeria to celebrate this year’s Maulud, the birthdate of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I join millions of our Muslim population in the State and beyond in celebration of this auspicious period”, the Governor stated.

“Indeed, more than 14 centuries ago, Allah bestowed on this world, a blessing which marks His major mercy on mankind by sending his last Messenger to guide us to true salvation. Our celebration is a mark of our gratitude to the Almighty for this special favour unto us”, Governor Matawalle said.

He enjoined Muslims to fight temptation and try to copy the life of the Prophet as much as they can so that we can have a peaceful, blessed and fruitful life here and in the hereafter.

“Islam is peace. We cannot practice it without peace, hence I call on all and sundry to imbibe the spirit of peaceful co-existence so that we can have the blessing of Allah. We have had more than fair share of unnecessary conflicts and unwanted criminal activities that breach the peace in our state. It is because many of us choose to deviate from the teachings of our dear Prophet”, Governor Matawalle observed.

The Governor called on Clerics in the State to increase their efforts in taking the good message to the grassroots so that crimes can be reduced by the power of God’s own words. He observed that ignorance, especially of the exemplary life of our dear Prophet, contribute to proliferation of negative tendencies as we see in vices such as banditry, theft and drug addiction.

“Therefore, as we celebrate this special day, I enjoin us not to forget the essence of the celebration so that we can all reflect back and change our ways of lives for the better. I wish everyone a very memorable event.”


Zailani Bappa
Special Adviser
Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications.

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