“I cannot imagine the mammoth crowd that I saw in Bakura. I was mad when I looked left, right and center and I could not see the tale end of the crowd. I said to myself Matawalle is really a political game player and indeed a political Maradona of our own generation” an APC supporter from Maradun stated this.

This statement serves as the background of my analysis of the APC political campaign rally held in Bakura on Wednesday the 28th of December 2022.

The rally in my opinion has become moral boost that further signifies how strong and powerful APC is in Zamfara State and also continue to lighten up the chances of the party and all its candidates in the forthcoming 2023 election.

The rally has become one of the “talk of town” hence hundreds of thousands of APC supporters congregated at the Bakura campaign Square to rally their support to the Gubernatorial candidature of Matawalle. Many observers had started to compare note between Kaura Namoda and Bakura APC campaign rallies.


As usual, the campaign train was led by the former Governor of Zamfara Abdulaziz Yari in company of the former Governors of Zamfara Yariman Bakura, Mahmuda Shinkafi and rest of other APC political power brokers.

The campaign train took more than three hours crawling from Bakura junction to the Emir’s Palace because of the crowd of supporters and well-wishers that are full of anxiety to greet the Governor on arrival in Bakura town.

Governor Matawalle alongside former Governor Yari and Sen. Yarima looking visibly happy continue to waved at the supporters and wished them well in return.

They paid a royal visit to the Emir of Bakura Muhammad Bello Sani where he prayed for the Governor and wish him and all the APC candidate success.

The campaign train moved to the campaign Square, where speeches were made to appreciate the unwavering support and allegiance of Bakura people to the party (APC).

Sen. Yarima who hailed from Bakura commended Governor Bello Matawalle for his political foresight in ensuring that APC is united for the peace and prosperity to broker in Zamfara state.

He also commended Governor Yari for accepting the peace offer and for leading the course of uniting the APC as one indivisible political entity.

He assured that with coming together of the APC power brokers and indeed the supporter, the chapter of political opposition is closed in Zamfara state.

Sen. Saidu Muhammad Dansadau took lengthy time to remind the APC supporters on the significance of political reconciliation and the benefit it intends to bring in the development of the state.

He made in-depth reference with verses of the Holy Quran and prophetic traditions to explain the necessity of political reconciliation and why people, especially party supporters should accept it.

Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar thanked people of Bakura for their sustained support to the manifestos of the APP, ANPP and now APC noting that their support remain one of the ground pillars that empower the APC to its present level of development.

He assured that, the unity in the Zamfara APC will remain a reference point to Nigerian politicians as peace is turning back to solidify the chances of the party in the state.

Governor Matawalle expressed gratitude to the thousands of party supporters for their patience and assured them of his resolve to continue to do more to enhance their living standard.

He thanked all the APC stakeholders for their commitment to the genuine reconciliation and urged every one to further sealed off their differences for the betterment of the party.

Former Governor Yari and all APC candidates from Zamfara West, while people declared in the open their political solidarity to the candidates.

The campaign train moved to Bungudu local government area on Thursday

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