Reasons Why Electorate should be conscious Of PDP at The forthcoming Election.


1. You are no doubt aware that the Peoples Democratic Party has commenced its campaign in a number of local governments in the state. You are also aware that the campaign has raised a lot of dust arising from the negative outputs and impending failure that faces the PDP at the polls.

2 Let us begin by appreciating the efforts of our law enforcement agencies in taking all lawful measures within their means to ensure peace and security, in spite of deliberate steps taken by the PDP administration in the state to frustrate their efforts.

3. Part of the efforts made by the security agencies, was bringing political leaders together, to sign a peace deal, so as to ensure peaceful conduct of campaigns and the elections.

4. It is now evident that all the agreements have been breached by the PDP, because of recent developments, as per the following examples.

a. The convoy of the APC Governorship candidate, Alhaji Ahnmed Aliyu Sokoto, was physically attacked twice at different occasions by thugs sponsored by Commissioner for Local Government, Abdullahi Maigwandu at Sokoto Cinema Area, while on their way to attend events in Sokoto metropolis.
b. A staunch APC supporter, Abdulmajid Yellow who decamped recently from the PDP, was attacked by an armed PDP thug, by name Junaidu a.k.a “Viera, and Aminu Rabiu a.k.a “Taliya”, the thugs were sponsored by one Aliyu “Alisha” and Abdulrahman Malami Sabo. What is more disturbing is that the attack took place in the presence of Saidu Umar, the PDP Governorship Candidate at Marafa Danbaba Road during a wedding ceremony.

C. Of recent, the PDP has made life so unbearable for residents of Kofar Atiku area of Sokoto metropolis, that a delegation of Elders who are mostly supporters of the APC and sharing neighborhood with the PDP Governorship candidate, had to request for security presence to enable them live peacefully in their houses. The complaint was as a result of attack on the residence of one Bashiru Kako who had to flee with his family late at night to save his life, for no reason other than he was an APC supporter.

d. There is one Wadata Shehu a.k.a Tanga”, Mustafa a.k.a “Awilo”, Muntari Yusuf a.k.a Jagwa” Umar Jibo a.k.a “Rugi”, Maniru Hussaini a.k.a “Shalle”. These and many other thugs sponsored and housed by Commissioner Abdullahi Maigwandu who have continuously been terrorizing Sokoto Cinema, Bazza, Binanchi, Kofar Rini and neighboring areas.

5. Therefore, the recent reckless vituperations by the DG PDP campaign council, Alh. Yusuf Suleman portrays the PDP leadership as immature, he boasted on different occasions that they are gong to order the arrest and detention of the APC leadership in the state, no matter how highly placed.

6. This reckless outburst by Alh. Yusuf Suleman was further reinforced by others who openly stated that the PDP led Government has the power, the financial strength and capacity to deal with the APC and its leadership.
7. In a seemingly reckless manifestation of the PDP’s anger over their non-acceptance by the people of Sokoto State, the Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal himself, threw caution to the wind during their stakeholders’ meeting held at Kasarawa Conference Centre, on the 2nd January 2023 where, in a most reckless manner, endorsed the reckless statements made by his lieutenants.

8. In his speech, he openly threatened to deal with the leadership of the APC in the State. He further threatened to use state apparatus to fight the APC.

9. At this juncture, we deem it necessary to inform the general public that the deceptive speech of Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, after the purported attack on his convoy by his aggrieved supporters, was intended to turn the tide against the law abiding APC supporters.

10. We therefore wish to advise Aminu Tambuwal that in order to forestall future negative occurrences, he should hence forth settle all his hired, weapon wielding crowd as at when due. It is a common sight, after each campaign outing, to see PDP hired crowd besieging the main entrance of the Government house and mostly shouting unprintable words against the PDP Government, seeking their daily campaign settlement.

11. It is not surprising that Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal mentioned, among his many charges, that APC leaders have not been paying condolence and sympathy visits to communities affected by banditry. This is so, because he spends most of his time outside the state, therefore he cannot be abreast with the situation on the ground in Sokoto State. It is common knowledge that Governor Tambuwal has since deserted his place of primary assignment and sought refuge elsewhere

Contrary to his accusation, the people of Rabah, Isa, Gandi, Sabon-Birni, Tangaza, Goronyo and several other places visited and assisted in cash and kind, in the event of any banditry attack or similar incidents, are witnesses to the APC sympathy.
12. Indeed it there is anyone least qualified to speak about neglecting the plight of communities affected by banditry in Sokoto State it is Governor Aminu Waziri.

13. In fact a PDP member of the State House of Assembly was so frustrated by the Governor’s negligence, in spite of several appeals and calls, that he had no option than to decamp to the APC where he and his people have found solace.

14. On the issue of security, the rantings by Governor Aminu Waziri have confirmed our suspicion, that he is comfortable with the security Situation and he is poised to use it as a campaign tool. This is manifest because, Aminu Waziri has been shifting the blame on the Federal Government, while in other states, governors have taken leading roles in curbing banditry, the Sokoto State Governor, has maintained the back seat and deliberately allowed the situation to deteriorate, so that it could provide him an excuse for political mischief.

15. Governors in neighboring states of Kebbi, Zamfara, Katsina, Kaduna, Bauchi and Borno have since shown that Governors can bring about positive developments to compliment the Federal Government.

16. We wish to enquire from Governor Aminu Tambuwal, his numerous pledges to support the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Sokoto State Chapter with 500 motorcycles, which he never fulfilled. We also wish to enquire from him, that for the past eight years of his Government, how many operational vehicles has his Government donated to security agencies in Sokoto State. Indeed Governor Tambuwal has turned Sokoto State into a safe haven for bandits being flushed out from neighboring states.

It is therefore surprising that while his colleagues are teeming up with the Federal Government to fight banditry, Governor Aminu Waziri has chosen to fold his arms and play politics with the lives of his people.
17. With very few projects to his name, mostly uncompleted, we challenge Governor Tambuwal to mention the projects he claims are being vandalized by supposed supporters of the APC. As we have always said, the PDP administration in Sokoto State has no completed project to its credit for the past eight years. And therefore there is no project to vandalize. We advise the Governor to stop counting his chickens before they are hatched.

18. On our own part, we deem it important to call on Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to accept defeat and throw in the towel at the ealiest opportunity, because his rantings have shown that he has come to terms with imminent defeat, awaiting his party at the polls.

We also wish to tell him that the people of Sokoto State have uncovered his antics of serial deception and he has been rejected by the people.

19. Let me use this opportunity to affirm that our party, the All Progressives Congress APC, cannot and will never submit to intimidation, blackmail or threat by anyone, no matter how highly placed in discharging our responsibility to our people and in exercising our constitutional rights.

20. Finally, we would like to call on our teeming supporters to continue to be law abiding, have faith in our party and its leadership. We assure you that Insha-Allah the APC will emerge victorious in the next coming elections.

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