2023 Election: Let The Will of God Be Done in Nigeria because Election might be shifted due to Insecurity – Dr Chris Okafor


* i see Angel Pouring oil of Victory on Labour Party Candidate but There will be Manipulation if Christians did not Pray

* I see mayhem, if Nigeria did not vote wisely, Nigerians will suffer for another 8years, be warn

Lagos Popular Prophet ans Televangelist, Dr Chris Okafor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city has declared that God has interest in Nigeria as the Nation prepares to Move from one political region to another but wans nigerians to vote wisely for competence and a man who has the fear of God at heart Saying Nigeria Politics is beyond Physical something but controls by the spiritual

Speaking at the Sunday Glorious service at the international Headquater of Grace Nation in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, The Generational prophet of God said he saw Angels Pouring oil of Victory on the Labour Presidential Candidate, because he is God anointed candidate to win, though it will come to pass but there will.be manipulation of the outcome of the election, insecurity might be reason while election will not hold except if the body of Christ rise to the occasion through Prayers, God reveals to redeem, with Prayers God can disappoint the expectation of the evil ones

Speaking further, the Accurate seer of our time remarked that the spiritual control the Physical, if prayers are deployed to counter the evil manipulated projected, the result of the election will turns in the favour of Nigerians, am not a politicians and am not planning to be one, as one of the religion leader in the country, am making this clarion call to inform Nigerians for the needs to get there voters card Ready and vote for the rightful God chosen candidate, because if Nigerians make another mistakes, it will.be another round of 8years in suffering and living in abject poverty, i thereby called on all over 10millions Grace Nation citizen in Nigeria to go out and collect there PVC which will.let them vote for the best candidate that will bring the expected change to the country, i advise all my Members to be Obedience to the directive of God

Earlier in his sermon with the subtitle Importance and blessings of Obedience, the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation Dr Chris Okafor said when you obey God life become so easy for you, what many of your colleagues cannot achieve for years, because you follow the principle of obedience you achieve without stress

Obedience to the words of God guarantee favour, success, breakthrough and most importantly access to God is guarantee and when God gives you audience you are a victorious

The realms of the prophetic witness creative deliverance and miracle, God came down mightily delivering many from various illness, A man who could not walk suffering from an unknown sickness recieves instant healings as so many miracle babies were released to mothers among other deliverance and healings

Grace Nation worldwide use the prophetic service to pray for nigeria and for a successful General election coming few day from now

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