2023 elections: Zamfara PDP candidate caught in a trending Video of his intentions to cheat.


In a trending video of the Zamfara State PDP governotorial candidate Dr, Dauda Lawal Dare campaign rally in Bakura local government area of the State, Dr, Dauda revels one out of his many intention to the good people of Zamfara State as soon as he becomes a governor may 2023.

As Dr, Dauda Lawal Dare was allowed to speak on the rally podium in Bakura in the mix of his supporters, Dr, Dauda confidently assured to his teaming PDP supporters in Hausa language that, ” Idan kuka zabeni amatsayin gwamnan Jahar Zamfara bazanyimaku Adalciba. Meaning, ” If the good people of Zamfara State vote for him, he will not do Justice to them.

Please watch the video…

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