It is disheartening and unfortunate that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP has refused to call their hounds to order especially at this crucial campaign season and ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The PDP has now developed a new strategy of deploying their thugs along the road where our party, the APC campaign train is expected to follow as they demonstrated in Maguru village of Kaura Namoda local government area where they attack part of the campaign motorcade destroying vehicles including the State Radio Outside Broadcast OB Van, the State Radio Chairman’s vehicle, ZAROTA and many other vehicles belonging to our members and innocent commuters.

This is an unacceptable act capable of causing serious crisis in the state should the APC respond in the same jungle way.

The attacking thugs were seen by Maguru residents being dropped by a yellow painted vehicle, indicating that they were deployed from either the state capital, Gusau or imported from some other place to perpetrate the dastardly act and evacuated without being traced.

The PDP is certainty testing our earlier threat that we will be responding to their irresponsible acts in the same manner.

They have forgotten that we are civilized, cautious and law abiding but we will always immediately run to security agents to seek redress and we will not stop until justice is done to us and our members.

While calling on our members to remain calm as usual, we wish to categorically state that those behind the attack will be arrested and brought to face the consequences of their actions along with their sponsors.

We wish to advice the PDP to concentrate on campaigns that will bring them votes rather than the attacks that will end their members in castration as the APC will not be deterred by the attacks while seeking support from the good people of Zamfara.

We also wish to commend security operatives who moved in swiftly to ensure the return of peace in the area and appeal for their continued support to give us cover against these violent elements.

Yusuf Idris Gusau
APC Publicity Secretary
Zamfara State
23rd January, 2023

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