Mighty Visitation: Grace’s Factor is the Biggest Factor and Secret to Success – Dr Chris Okafor.


*Mighty Testimonies as Miracle Babies are dedicated

*People Make God small in the thinking and way of Life

It is an established facts that when God decides,No spirit or force can change it, when you see with the eyes of faith you will understand that God way’s is best known to him, he doesn’t want you to understand him, but when you understand is principles Grace become available which Guarantee success.

Speaking at A day of mighty Visitation (Sunday Glorious service)of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city in Ojodu Berger Lagos, Lead Pastor Popularly known as The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said with the level of Grace available in the church people still make God small in there thinking, when you believe certain condition can consume you, it means you did not believe on the available power of God around you and by so doing you are minimizing the power of God.

Teaching on the series he began weeks back Opening the womb of Destiny (school of Priesthood ministry) subtitle “Pray or You Die” The man of God said when you understand the principle of Prayer, whatever you banned ,God too ban but you must understand how God work

Teaching further the popular Lagos prophet said with Prayer, you link yourself to Elohim and when God is your helper you can never be stranded in life.

Dr Okafor highlighted that God help is the biggest Factor that easily Guarantee success in life, therefore Grace Factor is the biggest Factor and the highest secret to a successful life.

It was a mighty Testimonies galore while miracle Babies are dedicated at the Sunday Prophetic service, Testimonies how barrenness of over 7,8,and 12 year bow to the command of God, among the testifier was a woman who was medically pronounce as not possible to be pregnant again in life, after visiting Grace Nation and God locates her with her family, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor declared a word of prophesy into their life, what the medical scientist cannot see, Elohim see it and change the narrative, the woman which the world believe cannot have a child again because of no womb, became pregnant and deliver a bouncing baby Girl according to Prophecy, It can only be God of Grace Nation.

Meanwhile the Mighty Visitation 2 conference will land in Ogba Lagos state on the 16-18 February 2023, The Venus is The NUJ Ground beside WAEC office Ogba
Come with your family and love one because Elohim will come to town and whenever Elohim come for a rivaval anything can Happen in your favour…..shilom

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