Opinion: The Gimmicks to Avoid in choosing a bonafide Loja of Odo- Ijesa



Sequel to the vacant stool of the loja of Ijesa that is causing unnecessary agitations by various families claiming to be entitled to the throne, a professional group in the ancient town called Concerns indigenes says the person entitled to the throne must be given his right..

The concern indigenes who.make this assertion recently said there are 5 different Persons who are also entitled by Right to be the Loja of odo, they highlighted those persons to be
1)Prince Adekaye Adewale
2)Prince (Hon) Femi Olayinka
3)Prince (Dr) Hammed Odeyemi
4) Prince Ajagun Ezekiel Muyiwa
5)Prince Adekunmi Dada Esho

The concern indigenes also remarked that there are six Kingmaker who are traditionally empowered under the Law.. those kingmakers includes
1) Chief Sesan Ilori the Orisa of Odo ijesa
2) chief Oyewusi Fowowe, the Odofin of Odo Ijesa
3) Chief Adekunle Ayeni, The Ejemu of Odo ijesa
4) Chief Todo Abiodun, the Sajiku of odo ijesa
5) Mr Famurewa from Saba family.
6) Mr Sunday Ajewole from Aro Family

The concern indigene continue that on the 12 January 2021, the 6 Kingmaker voted for two of the contestants that is Prince Amed Odeyemi has 4 votes, while Prince Femi Olayinka has 2.
Surprisingly the former chairman of Atakumosa East Local govt announced the wrong result and gave Prince Amed Odeyemi who had 4 Vote gave him 2, vote, the chairman candidate which is Prince Femi Olayinka who originally has 2votes,gave him 3vote, he also gave prince Muyiwa the remaining 1 vote, instead of Odeyemi 4, olayinka 2, and Muyiwa 0.

But unfortunately for the chairman, some of the kingmakers who knew that was not the original vote casted, doubled check and qas able to come out with the original ballot paper used and there after in March 2021, Prince wale Odeyemi sued Prince Femi Olayinka and the 6 Kingmakers, the former chairman of the loc govt, Hon Femi Kujembola, the former Executive Governor of Osun state to Court.

Therefore the announcement Made by the executive chairman Hon Femi Kujembola on the 12th January 2021 on the election of Oluodo of Odo ijesa was in views, Null and void under the law.

Where the law is specific on the duties to be performed by a particular person, such Power cannot be delegated, the law imposed the duty on the secretary of the Local Government to supervise and announce the result of election to fill the chieftaincy vacancy Affairs for the Governor’s Approval(Check the Chiefs Law of osun state cap C.25 more Parti arly section 15)
The case is now taking pla e in the high court 3 in Ilesa Osun state

Cross examination has began already and the next court case is on the 14th of March

The concern indigene remarked that the gimmicks to give to the wrong person, right to be given the throne will be rejected totally except the rightful person who has the rightful traditional backing is given what he deserved, Concerned indigene complaint

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