Zamfara State Commissioner for Work Mr. Rabiu Garba has challenged the PDP gubernatorial candidate Dauda Lawal to provide details of how he gave fertilizer to the state government as alleged by him during one of his campaigns.


Rabiu Garba who stated this during an interview with Thunder Blowers TV show on Saturday expressed wondered why Dauda could not differentiate between the government as a corporate entity and Matawalle as a person, noting that the PDP candidate need to explain who exactly collected fertilizer from him.


“He needs to tell the world who collected fertilizer from him, was this the state government of Zamfara or Governor Bello Matawalle as a person, this needs to be cleared”.


“If the fertilizer was issued to the state government of Zamfara Dauda should provide all the documents issued to him by the state government so that he can validate his claims because as member of the state executive council, I never knew when we sat down and award a contract for the procurement of fertilizer from Dauda or his fertilizer factory”.


“ I was once a Finance Commissioner and I can provide details of all contracts awarded and paid, I am sure Dauda cannot prove these claims”.


“If he knew he issued the fertilizer to Governor Bello Matawalle that is between himself and the Governor but people of Zamfara should not be misled” Rabiu added.






“Currently, the PDP is singing a slogan ‘kowa agent,’ (everyone is an agent) in the coming election, they are already printing agent cards, who knows what they are perpetrating in the rural areas,” Idris added.


He therefore called on the security agencies to act with the desired speed and arrest the situation before things get out of hand.

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