Our attention has been drawn to a report by Sahara Reporters where the embattled Governorship Candidate of the PDP in Zamfara State is blaming the Government of His Excellency, Dr Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato) for his travail over a morality question currently trending in the social media.

The Governorship Candidate accused the Government of His Excellency Dr Bello Mohammed of orchestrating a certain video trending in the social media where he is said to be seen alighteming from an hotel with a Woman, alleged to be another man’s wife, somewhere in London.

His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed as an astute and experienced Politician is not unaware of this kind of anltic from a troubled politician and hence deserve no response at all. However, we deem it necessary to respond at this hour not to allow a desperate person to smear the good name of this administration.

His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed has never indulged himself in dirty and lowly campaign of calumny even against strong political forces, less an upstarter like Dauda Lawal. The popularity of Dr Bello Mohammed in Zamfara State and the tumultuous support he gains from the public including all the political juggernauts of Zamfara State is a reassuring drive for his campaign and will never go as low as to start killing an ant with a sledge hammer.

Indeed, just like any others we have seen the video and we have payed no attention to it because we cannot not trip as low as to campaign against an upstarter like Dauda Lawal Dare with such kind of cheap blackmail.

However, when God wishes to expose a deceitful person to his good servants, He can do that in any form and manner. To convincingly dispel the truth in the trending video as false should be the concern of the accused politician instead of heaping unfounded allegation against the Government of Dr Bello Mohammed. What Dare is doing by this accusation is leavi g the dubstance and pusrsuing the shadow. What he is doing now will never clear his name in the eyes of the public.

Mr Dauda is therefore advised to get himself occupied with clearing his name from the trending video and keep off the cheap crave for sympathy from the public by accusing the Goverrnment of His Excellency Dr Bello Mohammed for the moral question he is presently wrapped in.


Zailani Bappa
Special Adviser
Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications.

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