Wema Bank Employees Donate chairs, tables to Isale Eko Grammar School.

Wema Bank, Nigeria’s leading financial institution known for its dedication to social responsibility, marked a momentous occasion today as it made a substantial donation of chairs and tables to Isalẹ Eko Grammar School.
This heartfelt gesture, a testament to Wema Bank’s unwavering commitment to community development, was made possible through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative, the “Salary for Love” campaign. During this remarkable endeavor, Wema Bank’s compassionate staff members selflessly contributed their salaries, embodying the spirit of giving back and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of others.
The culmination of this initiative took place on the 19th of May, 2023, at Isale Eko Grammar School. The newly acquired furniture will undoubtedly transform the learning environment, creating a haven of comfort and inspiration for the students as they embark on their academic journeys.
Speaking at the donation ceremony, Uchenna Obazeh, the Head of Credit Risk Management at Wema Bank, emphasized the bank’s firm belief in the transformative power of education. He commended the unwavering dedication of Wema Bank’s staff members and their resolute commitment to supporting education within the community.
According to him, “Through the ‘Salary for Love’ initiative, our employees have showcased their exceptional devotion to shaping a brighter future through education. We are humbled to contribute to the growth and development of Isale Eko Grammar School, as we remain steadfast in our mission of corporate citizenship.”
Dr. Mukaila Olatoye, the principal of Isalẹ Eko Grammar School, expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the institution, recognizing the profound influence this generous donation will have on the students’ educational pursuits.
In addition to the remarkable furniture donation, Wema Bank extended its support even further by bestowing scholarships upon two remarkable individuals from Isalẹ Eko Grammar School. These scholarships, provides invaluable financial assistance and will serve as stepping stones for these exceptional students as they unlock their full potential and courageously chase their dreams.
As the event ended, an atmosphere of gratitude and appreciation permeated the air, with the students of Isale Eko Grammar School expressing their heartfelt thanks for the remarkable donation. Wema Bank’s commitment to positive social impact and its continued pursuit of opportunities to create meaningful change only further solidifies its position as a driving force in community development and a beacon of hope for students striving for excellence.
Dr. Mukaila Olatoye Principal, Isale Eko Senior Grammar School; Head, Credit Risk Management, Wema Bank, Uchenna Obazeh; Principal, Isale Eko Junior Grammar School, Mr. Apotisike Francis, during the donation of chairs and tables to Isale Eko Grammar School by the bank recently.
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