Togo Mighty Visitation Day 2: There is a Protocol to be Observe if you must Tackle Altars.


….you must be spiritually mature to break the York of old order.

Anytime God wants to break you out from an old orders, he involves three persons, God himself,his Prophet and the person who is to be delivered and for God to bring any one into a new order he does that through his prophet, therefore to change an old Order you need a prophet.

This foundation was the basis for the subject treated at the Day 2 of the ongoing Prophetic Togo Mighty Visitation conference taking place in Lome the capital city of Togo.

Speaking on the Topic “Changing the old order part 2” the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who is also the visioner of COWOM, said when you fall shot of the hand of God, he gives the devil power to allow you faces and suffer from Calamity, Scarcity and adversity but the simple answer to this shot fall is the Prophet, whenever God want to answer your prayer for restoration to happen, he will sent a Prophet.

The Generational prophet of God said there is a Protocol to be Observe to Tackle any kind of altars for you to change the old order, therefore anytime the people go against God they suffer alot and the implications of idolatry is that God will allow the devil power over you, but if you listen to your spiritual father, with there instructions you will be able to change the old order..

The Apostle of altars also remarked that what brings you out of the old battles is what you learn, what the spirit teaches, it is what the spirit says that is instrumental to changing the old order.

The Generational prophet of God also declares that when you understand the misery of prayers, you becomes the answer to the problems your generations are facing because the worst thing that can happen to you is not to be the answer prayer to your Generations, meanwhile you must be spiritually mature to break the York of old order the man of God concluded.

The move of the Spirit took a new dimension as God servant who is not so much conversant to the topography description of Togo Physically but the servant of God went spiritual with his Prophetic wings across the board in Togo mentioning Name of villages, there traditional way of life and the deities keeping people clue to evil altars, meanwhile misery where dymestify as the Oracle of God exposed evil strong man behind altars keeping people, Curses were broken, Visa’s released for Greener pastures, Terminal disease give way, while miracle babies were given to awaiting mother’s, it was a miracle galore all through the conference on Day 2..

The Prophetic conference, Togo Mighty Visitation continue on Friday 21 July 2023 at the same venue in Lome Togo

For your Deliverance,Healing , prophecy, Miracles and Solutions make a date with the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor for a life changing experience the time is 4pm- you breakthrough….

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