Grace Nation Women Convention: There is a Supernatural Connection Between Women and the Holy Spirit – Dr Chris Okafo


….Grace Nation women of Zion Convention Ends as God releases 79 miracle Babies

The one week long Grace Nation Women of Zion annual Convention with theme The Woman Power has ended with a special thanksgiving service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city situation at Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

The convention brought together woman from all braches of the church across the Globe with the soul aim to Liberate them and there family and to get them set for the second coming of the Lord because the role of the woman in Soul winning can never be quantified, Woman are Powerful.

The week long program started with Lectures, Empowerment, symposium and various artisan training for them to be self dependent.

The Special thanksgiving service kick start with various conographic display with the Yoruba,Edoma,Efik and Edo traditional dance display climax with a special News Bulletins Presentation in Igbo Language, it was a moment to remember.

In his Sermon on the Theme of conference, “The Woman Power” Senior Pastor Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor extolled the virtues of Woman says Woman are so Powerful, they are the bridge builder who can go extra mile to ensure that their home is perfect particularly for the welfare of there children.

The Generational prophet of God as he is fondly called by Faithful, Dr Chris Okafor explained that originally woman was not in the plan of God, but after heaven realized that the Man is lonely, God created a woman as an helper.

Dr Chris Okafor further explained that anything that is created or Assign to help you, Basically that thing is definitely stronger than you.

The Man of God continue that for God to bring up an helping hand for a Man, that implies that woman has a special connection with the Holy spirit.

Speaking on the important roles of a woman in the life of a Man and the children, The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said women are the Fondamental Principles that influences a peaceful home, God gave them the power to decide how a home will be. On the other hand they can go the extra mile to make sure their families Particularly their children are alright, saying they work from morning to night to put things in place in there homes.

Therefore women’s must also be submissive to there husband, though God create them to help but their husband remain the Head of the Home, so to remain a virtuous woman you must be submissive.

To the Men, you must make your woman submissive easier by loving her, Protect her and make her closer to God, Don’t exposed your wife to your family because she is assign to help you and you must also hold her in high esteem in the presence of your family, she is your Gold therefore Protect her, the Generational prophet of God remarked.

About 79 Miracles babies were released to awaiting mother’s, while praying for all participants from across the globe, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor declares that for every Woman that participated in the conference and her believing God for a miracle Babies, 79 babies has be released therefore they should carry there miracle babies and by the Grace of God, at the next woman of Zion Conference they will all dedicate their twins, triplet bouncing baby Boy and Girl to the Glory of God.

The Annual Grace Nation woman of Zion Conference was rounded up with Various thanksgiving worship Dance, Offerings and Prayers……


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