The attention of the immediate past administration of former Zamfara Gov Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun, has been drawn to yet another misleading and deceitful publication by Zamfara State Government, where some misleading documents showing “how former Governor and Minister of State for Defence, Bello Matawalle, approved 100% payment of over one billion Naira for fencing, landscaping, and furnishing of Governor’s lodges in 14 Local Government Areas, even before the project began.”


In the statement released by the Dauda Lawal Dare’s administration, it was stated that “the previous administration under Bello Matawalle initiated a project to construct and furnish Governor’s Lodges in all the 14 local government areas of the State.


It said the Government “noted that the documents released were evidence from an already opened can of worms exposing a series of violations of public service rules by the previous government of Matawalle.”


According to the government, “Governor Dauda Lawal’s administration is raising public awareness of Bello Matawalle’s financial recklessness, where projects were awarded, and 100% of funds were withdrawn and disbursed for the abandoned projects.”


Well, if despite the number of consultants Professors in the government being led by a “(Dr)” could not understand the essence of government in the protection of lives and property of the citizens and to initiate projects for the development of the state, but rather leading the government in desperate faults finding, deceitful and misleading the general public, to be convinced at all cost in tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of the former Governor Matawalle, it is then very unfortunate.


In his attempt to ridicule the former Governor, Gov Dauda Lawal has gone out of his way to commit perjury against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This time around, Dauda Lawal used old pictures of various projects executed by the former Governor to deceive and mislead the general public in his latest publication that cuts across both traditional and new media platforms.

What a shameless government. It is very annoying and disappointing that a government being headed by a “(Dr)” and ran by Conaultant Professors, are always into committing perjury against the constitution of theFederalRepublicofNigeria, just to indict and tarnish the hard-earned reputation of a man who proved his worth and intergrity before the general public, as he is being celebrated and honoured left, right and centre with various merit awards.

Like I have said in my previous statements regarding the Cargo Airport Project which Dauda Lawal is desperate looking for a way to revok the contract to award it to himself through proxy, the latest blackmail of the Lawal Dare’s administration has displayed its false claims and character assassination of the former Gov, as old pictures of the Local Government Lodges constructed by the former government of Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun were published instead of the reality of things on ground, just to discredit the former Governor.

It is in view of this nasty and misleading publication of Dauda Lawal Dare’s administration that I am obliged to once again describe the publication as not only malicious, disregard and respect to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but also baseless, unfounded and laughable attempt to deceive Nigerians to continue with his foreign trips to pursue private businesses at the expense of Zamfara people.


I am not surprised however, as the Gov is trying to cover up his failure to discharge his primary responsibility by diverting the attention of the general public from his incompetence in providing good governance, turning Zamfara to a killng field where bandits have embarked on massive attacks, killings and abduction of innocent lives ever since Dauda Lawal Dare’s assumption of office as the Gov of the state.


What Dauda Lawal Dare wants is to divert the attention of the former Governor from his national assignment so that he will be portrayed as unserious leader like Dauda Lawal Dare. The project of Local Government Lodges constructed by the immediate past administration of former Gov Matawalle is almost completed, if not for the Dauda Lawal Dare’s order to the contractors to stop work, including arrest and detention of the contractor handling the project for over one month through the connivance of Dauda Lawal Dare and the former EFCC Chairman Abdulrasheed Bawa, this project would have been completed. This matter is already in court before a judge for consideration.


Below attached are the latest relevant documents, pictures and information about the project for ease of reference.


The Gov also said:

“Our government is committed to rescuing, reforming, and rebuilding Zamfara. As part of this mission, we consider it an obligation to expose financial recklessness and ensure justice prevails.”


In what ways? through false claims, faults finding and deceitful publications with total neglect and disregard to the lives of the people the Gov sworn to protect. Ever since Dauda Lawal Dare’s inauguration since moths ago, the Gov has never stayed a good complete one week in the state leaving the people of the state at the mercy of the marauding bandits. It is in the public domain that ever since Dauda Lawal Dare assumed office as the Gov of Zamfara state, thousands of lives have been lost and property worth billions of naira destroyed with hundreds of thousands of women and children displaced.


This is in addition to several others who suffered various degrees of injuries they sustained from the attacks by bandits. Bello Matawalle’s administration tackled the ugly security challenges he inherited within the 100 daya of his office making Zamfara to witness absolute security of lives and property for over nine months.

Bello Matawalle is not a crook and criminal leader like Dauda Lawal Dare who declared over 5 Billion American dollars as his assets after his retirement as Executive Director of First Bank. This is in addition to other stocks in other foreign countries and Naira he said he owned in his assets declaration form.

To show how crook and criminal the Gov is, just a day after we cahallenged and called on the state assembly to start impeachment process against the Gov for gross violation of public service rules by awarding contract for the construction of Gusau township roads to the tune of over 4 billion Naira without the approval of the state Executive Council and the state assembly, he quickly bought and released luxury cars to members of the state assembly.

We are therefore debunking this yet another trash of Dauda Lawal Dare’s administration against the former Governor Bello Matawalle.


We are also not unaware that Dauda Lawal Dare released recently, 300,000 dollars to conduct the recent Lagos press briefing on tarnishing the image of the former Governor, calling on the President to remove him from his ministerial appointment. We are also not unaware of the 150 million naira released by Dauda Lawal Dare’s administration for some hired tugs and mischievous miscreants to plan and organise a grand protest in Abuja against the minister of state defense calling for his removal, instead of using the state resources to support security agencies to face headon, the security concerns facing the state.

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