The ongoing pilfering of items from Government House: A consequence of Governor Dauda Lawal’s transgressions against the fundamental human rights of Matawalle



A report has emerged from Zamfara’s Government House, revealing that individuals have been stealing items such as Plasma TVs, kitchenware, plates, cushions, tables, cookers, and dining sets. This trend began after Governor Dauda Lawal confiscated Matawalle’s vehicles and claimed various possessions belonging to Matawalle’s family. Lawal’s actions have cast him in a negative light and elevated Matawalle’s standing in the public eye.


This disquieting narrative finds its roots in the unsettling events that unfolded shortly after Dauda Lawal assumed authority. Seizing an opportunity to cast a shadow over Matawalle, Lawal raided the residences in Gusau and Maradun, purporting that the domiciled cars were state property. However, his Machiavellian tactics surpassed the mere appropriation of vehicles, extending into familial possessions. In a reprehensible act of blackmail, Lawal, with unbridled audacity, laid claim not only to the automobiles but also to domestic articles such as cooking stoves, wedding garments, and materials belonging to Matawalle’s family.


This egregious display of insensitivity has cast Dauda Lawal in a tragic light, rendering him a ludicrous character in the discerning eyes of the conscientious members of society. Paradoxically, this unscrupulous behavior has had the unintended consequence of elevating Matawalle’s standing, painting him as a dignified and respected gentleman of the highest reputation.


The current disposition of Dauda Lawal, unabashedly appropriating possessions that do not rightfully belong to him, can be aptly characterized as the inevitable consequence of his transgressions against the fundamental human rights of Matawalle.


The sordid episode unfolds as a manifestation of the cosmic balance, exacting retribution for Lawal’s fundamental mistakes in infringing upon the sanctity of another individual’s rights.

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