TECNO’s Night of Winners: Lady Ruth and Benjamin Shine on Nigeria Idol


Like life, the journey to stardom on Nigeria Idol is often filled with highs and lows. But
amidst the bittersweet moments, there are always silver linings. During the Nigeria Idol
live show on Sunday, the spotlight shone brightly on Lady Ruth, who was crowned the
winner of the TECNO Jingle Contest despite her departure from the competition.

This challenge required contestants to create a jingle for the TECNO CAMON 30, and
Lady Ruth’s creativity and musical prowess earned her this prize. Announced by guest
judge Pheelz, Lady Ruth walked away with a cash prize of N500,000, making her exit
from the show triumphant.

The excitement didn’t end there. Benjamin Omosivie was announced as the winner of
the Home Edition of Nigerian Idol, also sponsored by TECNO. His stellar home
performance won the hearts of many, proving that talent can thrive in any setting.

Fans who engaged with the show on social media were also winners. Those who
answered trivia questions correctly were rewarded with fantastic prizes, making it a
night of joy and celebration for all involved. These victories highlight TECNO’s
unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and providing platforms for everyone to
shine. Lady Ruth and Benjamin Omosivie’s successes testify to the rewarding journey
with TECNO on Nigeria Idol.

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